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Dear friends! Completed a children's international football tournament "Young Talents Cup in 2013!" On October 20, in St. Petersburg at the stadium, "Polytechnic" was the closing ceremony.

The winner of the "Young Talents Cup" in 2013 became the team - Dynamo Kiev!

Once again, silver cup Young Talents left the country for a year! We congratulate the people of Kiev with a victory! Opponents were worthy, the fight was tough, the path to victory - thorny. The guys showed the best results!

Team - winners on a tour:

1st place - Dynamo Kyiv (Kiev)

2nd Place - Academy Konopleva (Togliatti )

3rd place - Sports School Zenit ( St. Petersburg)

3rd place - Spartak ( Moscow)

The winners of the awards were:

Best goalkeeper - Klochai Nazar (Dynamo Kiev)

Top scorer - Vanati Vladislav (Dynamo Kiev)

Best Midfielder - Ilya Fedak ( Sports School Zenit)

Best Defender - Alexander Mukhin (Spartak Moscow)

Best Forward - Etin Alex ( Baltika Kaliningrad)

The most technical player - Juho Kilo (Kapylan Pallo, Finland)

Most Valuable Player - Daniel Shilov ( Akadeniya Konapleva , Togliatti)

The brightest player - Chinarev Bogdan (Academy Konapleva , Togliatti)

The smartest player - Andrew Savinov ( Youth Nizhny Novgorod)

The tournament was attended by top 20 teams in 2002 born The teams had three games of the day and a rest day to visit the various attractions.

The tournament was held in St. Petersburg on fields with artificial grass. Playing at half the standard field. The number of players in the field of 7 1 goalie. the games - 2 * 15 min.

Thanks to everyone who has been with us these days! The kids wish patience, diligence and new victories! Hurray!

See you at our December tournament HallenFussball Cup!


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