Young Talents Summer Camp 2013

Dear, young talents and their parents!

The third tour of Young Talents Summer Camp in Ukraine proceeds.

August 3rd, David and Daniel, the Spanish coaches, came to the camp. They immediately took with zeal for the cause and participated in training with the guys in each exercise, as shown, told, was stopped and corrected. First training session devoted deceptive motions and dribbling. Children were divided into pairs and triples, where they took part in a mini-competitions with the possibility run 1 to 1.

August 4th interaction guys worked in pairs and triples with a detailed analysis. All children immediately transformed under the guidance of new Spanish teachers. Our guests from Barcelona radiate an incredible energy and enthusiasm.

August 5th in the morning was a pre-game practice, where perfected teamwork. We made three teams from the number of our children who will face off in the evening with two teams of Sudak City, and the older kids will play with Tavriya Simferopol.

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