The tournament is held in St. Petersburg at stadiums with natural grass in the middle of September.

Close to the organizing comittee is the St. Petersburg Public Organization in support of children's and youth sports, "Young Talents" under the control of the Football Federation of Saint-Petersburg.

To participate in the competition invited teams of different categories of U-8, U-9. For teams that are not members of professional top division clubs allowed participation of one (1) player older, but not older than one year. It is planned to select 24 teams to participate in each age category. Teams will be divided into 4-6 sub-groups. At the preliminary stage, teams will play in sub-robin. The first two teams from each group advance to the final stage of the struggle. All other teams play for places 9 to 24.

In case of a deuce in the final stages of the match - a series of penalty shoot its way out of 5 hits.

Allow reverse replacement. Replacement can be carried out without the consent of sudey. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 7 games. There is no offside rule. The number of players per team is unlimited. Goalkeeper can take the ball from his players. Each player can only play for one team and under the same number. Do not use in a team of two identical rooms. The goalkeeper may only put the ball in his own half.

The fact of failure to appear for all teams is set by the referee at the end of the match five minutes since the start of the game on the calendar. Failure to appear is the lack of a minimum of three players in the form of a game at the stadium and the team representative. For failing to report the team loses with a score of 0-3, and the opponent is awarded the victory with a score of 3-0.

For participation in the game: - unformed in the prescribed manner footballer; disqualified player; team loses with a score of 0-3, and the opponent is awarded the victory with a score of 3-0.

In the case of the same color form of the teams - the visiting team field for the calendar should take the form of a different color.

A player receiving a red card or two yellow of the game - let the next one. Yellow cards are not cumulative.

For the victory is awarded 3 points for a draw - 1 loss - 0.V case of a tie among two or more teams have the advantage given to the team for all indicators in personal meetings, which has the highest number of wins, having a better goal difference and goals scored, having more goals scored in all the matches, by lot.

To participate in the tournament must send a request in the form available on the website. Then, after the payment of the entry fee you are guaranteed a member of the tournament.

On the day of the competition - representatives of all teams are required to register with the Call-center of the tournament, completing Team list. At registration and at every game representatives should have copies or originals of documents establishing the identity of players.

In the absence of the originals or certified copies of documents within an hour after the legal requirements of the organizing committee - the team will be forfeited in the last match.

Protest is a club to participate in the match, on the facts related to non-compliance with the rules of the game and (or) the rules of competition in parts of the match. Filing a protest and a brief statement of the facts to which a protest is recorded in writing free form. With a detailed statement of the facts to which a protest is directed first to the judge the match, which puts its resolution and understanding of the situation on the other hand, the match referee must notify the other team about a protest. Further protest sent to the organizing committee for one (1) hour after the end of the match, which serves both as a protest.

The protest is a disciplinary committee, which is composed of the match referee, the chief judge of the competition, a spokesman for the organizers of the event, and other officials.

In the case of a protest club, the claimant is obliged to pay the fee to the organizing committee for the protest of 2,000 (two thousand) for 1 hour after the end of the match, which serves both as a protest. Untimely paid the protest fee shall be refunded. The protest fee is returned in the following case:

1) In the case of full or partial satisfaction of the protest;

5. Not be admissible protests:

1) not timely filed;

2) does not match fixed by the judge;

3) the quality of refereeing;

4) for the consideration of which has not been paid or not timely paid fee;

5) on the lack of door sizes and layout football field.

In the content of the protest must state the reasons giving rise to its filing, as well as detail the circumstances surrounding the violation of regulations of the competition and (or) non-compliance with the rules of the game.

The representative of the opponent should be made aware of a protest, as a corresponding entry in the application for a protest referee the match.

The protest is considered not later than one (1) hour of receipt of all materials.

The content of the protest must be confirmed with the appropriate materials: video record the match, referee reports and other documents that contribute to the objective of examining the circumstances related to the protest. Necessary materials associated with the filing of protest, provided the club to the organizing committee, no later than one (1) hour from the end of the match, which serves both as a protest.

In the case of a grievance under disciplinary jurisdictional authority decides to apply to the perpetrators sporting sanctions in accordance with these Rules. In the case of an establishment during the match, which serves both as a protest, and non-compliance with the Rules of the game (or) competition rules, which affected the outcome of the match, jurisdictional authority shall take a decision to cancel the result of the match and hold replay or forfeiture.

For constant disagreement with the decisions of the judges, insulting shouts and gestures to the judges, organizers, workers of the tournament, fans and members of the team is removed from competition, regardless of who exactly was to blame. entry fee will not be refunded.

Any disciplinary sanctions and decisions undertaken by the organizing committee - made on the basis of and subject to the RFU Disciplinary Rules.

All participants must be insured and have policies in force within and beyond the football field. The organizers are not responsible for any accidents, illness, theft or damage to the property of participants. Young Talents does not have group insurance and is not responsible for participants who become victims of the disease or were denied medical institutions to this competition, for injury, theft or damage to their property, while making every effort to protect its members from such.

Team winners in each competition will be awarded cups and medals. There are prizes for best tournament players in each age.

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