I. Aims. The event is to:

• Development and promotion of childrens and youth football, promoting healthy lifestyles and preventive health care.

• patriotic upbringing of the younger players, to ensure continuity conditions gallant sporting traditions between generations.

• strengthening the friendly ties between peoples.

II. Place and time

2.1. Venue of the tournament: St.-Petersburg, the stadium Dinamo;

2.2. Date: in a middle of October

III. Organizers

3.1. General organization and operational management of competition has "Young Talents Public Organization".

IV. Participants and application teams

4.1. To participate in the competition are invited youth teams of U-12 category. E.g. at 2013 will be 2002 er.

4.2. Team - 18 people (14 players, 4 coaches).

4.4. The preliminary application, a list of whole delegation (name coaches, managers, a full list of players and attendants) should be given to the Organizing Committee by fax: +7 (812) 235-59-07 or e-mail to info@young-talents.ru until 01 of June. Together with the application in writing to submit the date and time of arrival/departure of the team, train or flight number. Application of a standard form provided as team  arrive - Team List. They should specify: Name a football player, full date of birth, a series of number / passport (birth certificate), a visa physician (medical clearance to compete) are required.

V. Terms of the tournament

5.1. Teams will be divided into 4 groups of 6 teams each. At the group stage a team has one game with each other. The teams that take 1 and 2 places in the groups advance to the quarterfinals.

5.2. Matches are conducted in accordance with these Rules. Time of the match - 2 times of 15 minutes.

5.3. Competitions will be held on the football field with artificial grass.

5.4. System of charging points: for a win - 3 points, draw - 1 point, loss - 0 points. In the play-off games in a case of a draw in regular time of the match to know the winner breaks the series of 5 penalty kicks (hereinafter - until the first miss).

5.5. Inappropriate: warning (yellow card), obtained in the course of events, are summarized. A player who receives 3 yellow cards, passes one game, player, remote from the field for two warnings or a red card, has no right to participate in the next game his team. Organizing the right to punish the player, remote from the field for a serious violation of the rules, a serious disqualification.

5.6. All players must play in shin-guards. Teams must have in competition 2 sets of the uniform different colors.

5.7. The leaders participating teams are required for 10 minutes before kick-off event to place on record the names of 14 players (8 major and 6 spares), with corresponding numbers on the shirts, as well as representatives of team name. Number of players on a T-shirt must match the number under which this football player is listed in the minutes of the match. Number of substitutions in the matches is not limited. Inverse substitution allowed. Not allowed to stay in during the match within the technical area of persons not included in the Application Form team.

5.8. For participation in the match unformed in the prescribed manner, disqualified or not inscribed in the minutes of the match football team violated a rule, loss of the game with the score 0-3, and opposing teams shall be awarded the victory with a score of 3-0. The team, which included over-age soccer player, was withdrawn from the competition, and the results of all matches with her participation will be void.

VI. Judging of the competition

Judging competitions is carried out by the judges recommended by the Football Federation, St. Petersburg to serve regional and youth competitions and approved by the Organizing Committee.

VII. Responsibility of leaders of clubs, teams, players

7.1. The leaders of clubs, teams, delegations, as well as coaches and players participating in competitions must comply with all requirements of these Regulations, showing good discipline, respect for opponents, referees, spectators. Team leaders bear full responsibility for the conduct of their football teams during their stay in the competition.

7.2. Inpatient care is provided by medical institutions, the St. Petersburg on the basis of policies of compulsory medical insurance, the heads of teams in the compulsory to have the original policy for each team member.

VIII. Determining the winner

Places of teams in groups at all stages of the competition are determined by the maximum amount of points scored in all matches. In the case of equality of points in two or more teams places are defined:

1. by the result of the matches between them (the number of points, the number of victories, the difference between goals scored and goals conceded, the number of goals scored),

2. by the greatest number of victories in all matches,

3. at the best goals scored and goals conceded in all matches in the group

4. the greatest number of goals scored in all matches of the group

5. the least amount of goals conceded in all matches of this group,

6. with the least number of penalty points received for violation of the Rules football (yellow card - 1 point, a red card - 3 points)

7. in the case of equality of all the above indicators the winner is determined by lottery

IX. Financial terms of participation in the tournament

9.1. By means of teams covers the following expenses: accommodation for participants (2, 3-bed), 3 meals a day, providing motor in accordance with the schedule of games, rental of sports facilities, provision of refereeing the tournament, the organization of festive events, purchase awards, advertising, souvenirs and sports inventory, pay support staff, training and information materials, organization of cultural activities, security and health of the tournament matches, etc.

X. Rewarding

10.1. Winners are awarded with the Cup Young Talents  and medals, The second place awarded with medals. Best players on the lines are awarded individual prizes. We have not a match for 3rd place.

10.2. In addition to the sports awards, team winners will be awarded with valuable prizes. Organizing Committee has the right to note the various forms of promotion of players, coaches, public asset for the fruitful work in the conduct of tournaments.

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