Place and time. The tournament is organised  in St. Petersburg's stadiums with artificial grass. The dates are 6-8 of April.

Conductive Organization. Manual competitions. Proximate conducting organization is the St. Petersburg Public organization on support  children and youth sports "Young Talents" under the control of the Football Federation of St. Petersburg.

Attendance. Modalities. The system of the drawing. To participate in the tournament are invited to the team of Russia, the Baltics, Scandinavia, East and West Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Teams will be divided into subgroups of 6 teams. At the preliminary stage of the team conducting the game in sub-robin. The first two teams from each group advance to the final stage

Substitution. Allowed backward substitution with a referee's allowing. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 5 games. In a case of draw of a match - there is a part of penalty of 5 kicks.

Penalties. The fact that punishments for non-attendance of all teams shall judge the game after 10 minutes since the start of the game on the calendar. Absenteeism is the absence of a minimum of three players in the form of a game at the stadium and team. For failing a team loss of the game with the score 0-3, and the opponent is awarded the victory with a score of 3-0.

For participation in the game:

- unformed in the prescribed manner a football player

- football player disqualified, the team loss of the game with the score 0-3, and the opponent is awarded the victory with 3-0. In the case of the same color form a team

- the guest team on the calendar should take the uniform of a different color.

A player who receives a red card or two yellow of the game - one misses the next one. Yellow cards are not summarized.

Determination of the winners. For the victory is awarded 3 points, for a draw - 1, defeat - 0. In case of equality of points in two or more teams an advantage given to the team on all counts in personal meetings, which has the greatest number of victories, has the best difference slaughtered and missed goals, having a greater number of goals scored in all matches, by drawing lots.

Awarding. The winning teams are awarded a cup and medals. Notes the call by the goalkeeper of the tournament, players on the lines.

At the time of the tournament will run free shuttle buses from the places of residence to places of competitions

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