Iber Cup Estoril 2014
Iber Cup Estoril 2014
Country Portugal
City Lisbon
Place Эшторил
Dates 01.07.2014 - 06.07.2014
Age U-11, U-13, U-15, U-16, A-17

During the week the participants can choose to visit some of the best tourist places in the beautiful and historical city of Lisbon or visit the football stadiums of the famous clubs Benfica and Sporting Lisbon

The chance to get all the participants together in a friendship environment. Here everyone have the chance to relax after a week of a great competition.

The Lisboa Cup have more than 400 matches where at least 70% of the games are played by teams from different countries. All teams play at least 4 games in the tournament on grass fields (natural and artificial).

More than 150 teams will participate in the tournament from approximately 25 countries. Well known teams like FC Porto, Liverpool FC, Valencia CF, Paris St Germain, Benfica, Seville FC, Vasco da Gama, O. Marseille or Sporting Lisbon already participate in our Tournament.


The registrations are open to all teams and football schools, national and international, enrolled to a Football Association or Football Federation member of FIFA. Lisboa Cup will be played following FIFA’s football rules. Teams will be distributed in groups of 4 teams each, where they will play against each other on a championship system. Classification will be determined according to points. Victory 3 points; Draw 1 point; Defeat 0 points. The two best teams in each group will advance to Play off A. The other teams in the group will play the Play off B.

The playoff matches are played by direct elimination and in case of draw will be decided by penalties according to FIFA’s regulations.



1st Mar 2014: Final date for registrations: if the maximum enrollment of foreign teams (maximum of 16 foreign teams in each category) is reached before that date, registrations will close before the scheduled date.

20th Jun 2014: Match schedule is on; Final date to send all the players list.

30th Jun 2014: Arrival day, accommodation and meetings with all team leaders.

1st Jul 2014: The matches begin; Opening Ceremony.

6th Jul 2014: Finals, prize awards & return of the participant teams.


Boys U-11 - Boys born in 2003-2004 (7-a-side) 

Boys U-13 - Boys born in 2001-2002 

Boys U-15 - Boys born in 1999-2000 

Boys U-16 - Boys born in 1998 (4 players 1997) 

Girls U-17 - Girls born in 1997-98-99 (4 players 1996) 


Boys U-13, U-15, U-16 and Girls U-17 the maximum number of players enrolled per team is 26 and a minimum of 16 players.

Boys U-11 the maximum number of players enrolled per team is 14 and a minimum of 10 players.


Boys U-15, U-16 and Girls U-17 - Qualifying rounds and Play-off B 2x25 minutes. Play-off A - 2x30 minutes.

Boys U-13 - Qualifying rounds, Play-off A and B 2x25 minutes.

Boys U-11 - Qualifying rounds, Play-off A and B 2x20 minutes.

All games will have a 2 minute half-time

In case of draw in playoffs A and B the game will be decided by penalties according to FIFA’s regulations.


Transfers from the airport to the accommodation on arrival and departure are included. Just one round service per team. The transfer is exclusively for teams thus not for accompanying people.

Transfers for the games are included by bus.

Lisboa Cup Card (FREE use in the public transport network between some accommodations, tournament center and the playing fields). Can be use to travel around the sea coast


Start fee is 250 euro per team.


We can arrange extra nights for teams that have travel before or after the tournament. No meals are served during this period in school accommodation. Teams that stay in other accommodations besides school, the check in is after 16:00h. If teams want to check in before 16:00h need to pay one extra night.


For relatives and friends, hotel accommodation can be arranged at reasonable prices. For bookings and further information please contact us. Transfer is not included in the hotel accommodation. Only players and a maximum of four team leaders per team can be accommodated in schools.

Lisboa Cup Card (FREE use in the public transport network between some accommodations, tournament center and the playing fields). Valid only for some routes and some accommodations. Please contact the Organization. In some accommodations teams need to arrange their own transport during the tournament.

Young Talents Public Organization is a official representative of Lisboa Cup in Europe. You can ask us for any questions.


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