Parnu Summer Cup
Parnu Summer Cup
Country Estonia
City Parnu
Place Parnu City
Dates 26.06.2014 - 29.06.2014
Age U-9,U-10,U-11,U-12, U-13, U-14, U-15, U-16

Welcome to the summer International tournament in Eesti - Parnu Summer Cup, which is being held  in Parnu, Paikuse and Sindi. Here you can see teams from latvia, Eesti, Lithuania, Tussia, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine and other. 

 In age classes 2000 and 2001, each team is allowed to use maximum of 2 players born one year earlier after August 1.
 In age classes 2002-2006, each team is allowed to use maximum of 1 player born one year earlier after August 1.
 In age classes girls 1999-01, each team is allowed to use maximum of 2 players born one year earlier after August 1.
 In age classes 2002, 2003 and 2004, each team is allowed to use 1 girls who is a year older.

Players are only allowed to play for a single team in a single age class in the tournament. (It is not allowed to play for two or more teams in the same age class or for two or more teams in different age classes.) Otherwise, the player will be disqualified from the tournament, the violating team will be punished with 3 minus points and also given a -/+ defeat.

Games are played on stadiums in Pärnu and Paikuse. All of the stadiums used in the tournament have natural grass.
In case of exceptional and severe wheather, the tournament organisers can temporarily direct the games to artificial grass fields.

 Pärnu Summer Cup 2014 is divided into group and play-off phases.
In the group phase, teams are divided into 4 to 6 team groups where teams play once against everybody else in the group.
The best teams from each group will advance to the play-off phase to play for the first place. The rest of the teams will also advance to the play-off phase to play out the rest of the places. All places will be played out in the play-off phase. The precise play-off system for each age class will be announced at least 2 weeks before the tournament.
 If a game ends in a draw in the play-offs or in the finals, both teams will take penalty kicks to ascertain the winner. Each team will take 5 penalties in age classes 1998/99 to 2001, 3 penalties in age classes 2002 to 2006 and 3 penalties in girls age class 1999-01.
Each team is guaranteed at least 6 games at the tournament.

 All teams are obliged to do the check-in in the tournament office before their first game. The tournament office will be open for check-in’s from June 26, 12:00.
Check-in consists of the following:
1. Team leader is obliged to hand in a filled Pärnu Summer Cup team registration form.
2. Team leader is obliged to present identity documents (passport/ID-card or an EFA players card) of all the players on the team registration form.
3. Players who are not on the signed team registration form are not allowed to play at the tournament. Additionally, players whose identity document has not been presented to the tournament office are not allowed to play at the tournament.
4. Each team leader is obliged to confirm with their signature that they have arrived to the tournament, they agree to the tournament rules and they have been informed about all of the last-minute news and changes.
5. After passing the check-in, each team will be presented with a welcome bag that consists of participant armbands, tournament books, maps of Pärnu, tournament regulations and game schedules.
6. Teams who have not passed the check-in correctly (points 1-5) will not be allowed to play at the tournament.

1. Each team must be able to prove the identity of their players to the match referee during the games (from 15 min. before the game to 15 min. after the game) on the request of the opposing team by showing a valid identification document (passport/ID-card or an EFA player
card). The identity documents of the players must be taken to the games.
2. In the first day of the tournament, each team leader / coach is obliged to fill in a match protocol that will be delivered to him/her before the game by a field delegate.
 3. Team size is max 20 players in age classes 1998/99, 2000, 2001 and 15 players in age classes 2002-2006 and girls 1999-01.
4. Team must be present at the field 15 min before kick-off.
5. A player that has been given a red card is automatically banned from the next game.
6. In case of same-coloured shirts, the team that has been marked as guest will change their shirts or uses bibs.

1. Person that has been assigned as a team leader is responsible for the team and its players during the whole tournament time.
2. Team leader is responsible for the players having their own sleeping bags and mattresses if school accommodation is used.
3. Tournament organisers do not take any responsibility for injuries, illnesses and thefts. Each field has a designated first-aid provider.

All protests have to be made to the tournament office in legible written form in one hour after the game. Each protest must be accompanied by a 50EUR caution money that will be refunded if the outcome of the protest is positive. The decision on the protest will be made by the tournamend jury.

First, second and third placed teams will be awarded with cups and their players and coaches with medals. Best players will be awarded by special prizes.

Each team has to be pay starting fee of 130 (160) euro.
We offer with a three types of accommodation:
School: by price list 65 EUR. 
Hostel/Guesthouses: By price list 130 EUR/person  (price includes already VAT)
Hotel: At the moment we have an offer of 200 EUR/person (price includes already VAT).

Standard package for all accommodations includes
-accommodation three nights 26.06-29.06.2014;
-catering from lunch 26.06 till lunch 29.06.2014;
-free transport on Pärnu City buses during tournament.

Teams must be registered to the tournament via our webpage, where every team leader must fill in the registration for every participating team. After filling in the form,
Pärnu Summer Cup will send a confirmation and a registration fee invoice to the team. The team registration will only be confirmed after making the payment for the registration fee invoice.


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