Iomega 12x10x32 Driver

It is a top-notch product. Ultimately, you have to make the decision.

Now that i think of it better it did have a problem from day one in audio qulity. Would they even honor support or replacements after year? All right, I have a burner for those.

Do you already have an account? If they don't plan on honoring their rebate they should not state that there is one. This problem appeared mysteriously after I installed the Que! Finally, they allowed me to send back the drive and they sent me a brand new one, which works perfectly.

The drive and the interface had no problems with the extra demands of audio either. Any other nominees both good and bad? Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate.

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To date, all I have gotten are lies and promises. Now it has decided it will never open again. Installation is so simple. Returned it for a new one today.

Symantec Ghost compatibility with CD/DVD-R/RW drives

However, the drive behaves erratically when connected to a computer. Does anyone know a solution?

Also memory is much cheaper as an add it than from Dell. Is there anything else I can do? First the drive wasn't recognized by the Pc. It took me many days to figure this one out. The System Profiler says there's nothing there.

Anyone out there with a new suggestion, I am all ears. Spoke to the company tech man at Mac show. Please E-mail with suggestions. Dell now has too large a customer base to provide the excellent support that they once did when they were at the top of every rating list of computer manufacturers.

Seriously, did you perhaps knock loose something inside your computer when you swapped out the hard drive? Please provide a valid price range.

Fire drive almost a year ago. Then the rest of the disk is fine. Can anyone recommend me a good model? Just thought I'd add my two cents!

If you want performance, the VooDoo is very good, and can be upgraded. Using the included disc Mr.

Please suggest a new burner if you know of a good one. Too bad, because the unit does work good. Keeps saying to check cables, etc. When I boot up, my computer shows a black rectangle and the burner is inop. And, if anyone is a lawyer out there, panasonic kx p1121 printer driver start a class action lawsuit.

After reading the previous posts, I'm afraid to contact them. Systemprofile reports on none device. Paul Dimension Windows Millenium. Any info would be appreciated. If I can get Toast to recognize my burner, it will not recognize the media.

Teac offers firmware for Windows but not Mac. But Dell does probably remain the best of such.

Finally, I got them to ship out a new replacement unit. Just the other day, it stopped working.

On the other hand, no one here can guarantee that the Dell will be right for you or that it will perform flawlessly. Apple promised that FireWire would become the industry standard for high speed data transfer, and, in particular, streaming audio and video. Greetings from Switzerland.

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to the people who provided help with this thread. Many of their telephone support people are very good at what they do, but some of them are complete fools.

ATPM - Review Que Fire CD-RW Drive

Question How to force to install drivers from cd thats meant for windows xp? Driver updates come in a variety of file formats with different file extensions. There are no drivers available for download. Same question does anyone know where I can get upgraded softwear?

Fire due to not having the software to update. It's just a wonky connection.