In any of our sport event, we try to make the holiday atmosphere, which will remain in the child's memory for years to come. June 1st around the world celebrated Children's Day. Children at our tournament will be protected from tyranny and neglect of adults. You should be prepared for the fact that in the competition will be:
• cafe with hot tea, cold drinks, sandwiches and German sausage, roasted on the grill. Also, do not be surprised if you see a whole bull, we roasted for guests of the tournament. Territory of the cafe are usually equipped with wi-fi and tables;
• own currency Talent Money, which you pay for all purchases in the sports village. Talent Money guys can earn on their own game and tournament, participating in various competitions;
• cafe for meals for the participants with a hot, nutritious meals made from natural fresh foods;
• a special manager, who organizes a trip for you on a tour of the glorious and beautiful city of St. Petersburg. Any trip you can choose in advance, taking into account your schedule of games, or at the tournament. Our tours are conducted on new buses, with qualified guides and the time that it will be necessary to visit the city's main attractions. Do not be tempted to buy a trip to the hotel or in town - maybe it is cheaper, but do not forget about what
microphone might not work  or speakers in the bus, the guide may come from Central Asia, and the tour can be spent on a simple traffic jam at Petersburg . Our tours are always visiting the main attractions, with tickets to the colonnade, the museums and the calculated time for a walk.
• Tournament souvenir products and our organization, as well as souvenirs of the city, which you can buy a call center. Our products are always distinguished by the quality and variety;
• Stage and performances and clowns that will entertain kids who have a break in play, to engage them in various competitions and give gifts;
• Official tournament studio, photographers, which will lift your baby in any game the moment, make a colorful photo album for your child and the team as a whole. In addition our staff will be able to shoot a video for you any game that you can then show the children together to disassemble the errors left in memory.
• fun trampolines and slides, amusement rides, animators, who also will allow children to fill a pause in the game and earn Talent Money;

Do not forget that all money earned from the cafe, photo shop, souvenirs and other expenses will cover the tournament, which believe me is very large.
We try to Russian children could compete with the leading clubs in Russia, Europe and the World, and this requires additional costs.

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