The Winter Camp of "Young Talents " Soccer School has ended . The guys are happy and have already returned home. Both coaches and players say that time was spent usefully. Daily intensive training developed their skills' level and the time spent working as a team rallied them. 

We tried to keep you informed of  any events happening in the camp. In recent days, the guys became visibly tired, hence there was taken a decision to make the trainings more of playing manner and the first place to raise the emotions. The trainers staged various interactive competitions and a tennisball championship.On the 9th of December there was organised Floorball Championship with the coaches. Each of them has assembled a team of 5 players. The best team was awarded with a special prize.

Daily the trainings started very early. Every day there were three intense trainings. Young footballers are exercising new football technologies. Mainly they practiced transmission methods and the ball stopping  as well as working on the different positions on the field . Special attention was paied to exercising the dribbling methods.

Guys note that training are very interesting. The benefits are evident. This is the main advantage of training camp - the training process is not discontinues, the athlete's body and brain are kept in constant concentration. Most of the children cope with the tasks, as noted by the coach.

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