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Guidelines for Printing on Gloss Paper Do not open sealed packages of gloss paper until you are ready to load them into the printer. Leave stored paper in the original packaging. If desired, change the copy settings.

Click Continue for the next three windows. Adjust the guides so they touch the edges of the stack. Back Only prints the back page on paper from the specified tray. Saturation makes the image colors more vivid or pastel. The serial number also appears on the control panel.

The number of copies appears in the upper right corner of the touch screen. In other markets, please contact your local Xerox.

Image Outside Crease prints the image outside the crease. These spaces are more likely to collect moisture.

Please contact your Xerox representative for details. The insert appears in the list on the right side of the screen. Creep specifies how much the page images are shifted outward, in tenths of a point. Same prints the front and back cover pages from the same tray. Page s specifies a page or a range of pages after which you want an insert added.

Click the arrow to the right of the Non-Printable Area field and select the printer from the drop-down list. If the paper size matches, no adjustment is needed.

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This driver is supported in Citrix and Terminal Server Environments. In the print driver software, intellinet 150n wireless lan usb adapter driver select the desired gloss paper type or select the tray loaded with the desired paper. Touch the color you want to adjust. Do not use padded envelopes.

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Macintosh Printing Options Selecting Printing Options for Macintosh To use specific printing options, change the settings before sending the job to the printer. Specify pages within a range with a hyphen. Store all consumables in accordance with the instructions given on the package or container.

Provides access to copy, print, scan, and fax features. Position from center determines the position of the watermark on the page. Do not use aerosol cleaners. Touch the Height-Y and Width-X arrows to specify the area. Using the options you can select confirmation sheets, send speed, fax resolution, send time, and fax dialing options.

Click Print to send the job to the printer. Vivid Color applies automatic color correction to make office colors more saturated.

Unauthorized alterations, which can include the addition of new functions or connection of external devices, can affect the product certification. This feature is only available on a Windows computer printing to a network printer. Select your printer from the list.

Adjust the paper guides to fit the paper size. Introduza um e-mail para continuar. Store the media inside the bag until you are ready to use it. Open the bypass tray by rotating it outward. Blank Cover inserts a blank cover.

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Store unused labels flat in their original packaging. Position originals face up, long edge entering the feeder first.

No Covers does not print cover pages. These include safety agency examination, approval, and compliance with established environmental standards. Adjusting Brightness, Sharpness, and Saturation You can lighten or darken copies and adjust the sharpness and saturation.

It is highly recommended to xeeox with your Network or System Administrator before performing any software xerox workcenter update. The Xerox workcenter optional finishers can help eliminate outsourced costs by finishing more projects in-house. Any page volume over and above your contract commitment is charged at a flat rate xerox workcenter page. Mobile Express Driver works with any printer available to your computer that supports standard PostScript.

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Covers, which require tools for removal, protect the hazard areas within the printer. If height of the bar code exceeds the label, exceeding part of the bar code is printed on the next label. Repeat the three previous steps to set other pages. Place the printer in an area where there is adequate space for operation and servicing.