The first talk about tournament was in 2004, when in St. Petersburg, there was only one field with artificial turf at Kolomyagi and international tournaments for children no one undertaken. Just football club Kolomyagi again renovated, 100 years.
On Kolomyagi Cup 2004, and then it was the name of our tournament teams were invited 1993rd year of birth. In St. Petersburg Spartak came and it was this team won in the finals in St Petersburg Zenit.
In 2005, 16 teams have already participated born in 1994 from 4 countries. Starting with the quarterfinals, games, and heat of struggle were very interesting, because the team agreed a completely level playing field and to solve all the skills, experience and strong-willed qualities guys. The finalists made their way Spartak, who won by penalties CSKA Moscow and Zenit, who beat Karpaty 1-0.
In the final, Zenit beat Spartak 2-1.
A third tournament Kolomyagi Cup was held from 13 to 15 October 2006 and took participants of1995 year of birth. Participants became even more - all teams - the leading schools from six countries. In the semifinals broke Dynamo (Kiev), CSKA, Dinaburg (Daugavpils) and Zenit. Dynamo defeated in a bitter struggle Dinaburg 2-0. A match between CSKA Moscow and Zenit St. Petersburg turned out to be even more dramatic. CSKA took the initiative at first, scoring a goal, but then gave the advantage to Zenit, which until the last second trying to hit the gate. Just one of the last seconds they scored the second leg. In the penalty was stronger team Zenit. The final match was also very exciting. Dynamo possessed an advantage - led in the long run, later had a few good points for a goal, but shortly before the end of the Zenit again compares the account. The matter again comes to penalty shoot-out, which already defeats Dynamo 1:1 (8:7).
In 2007, a tournament won first place CSKA born in 1996 under the leadership of Dmitry Khomuhi. The second team is back from St. Petersburg Zenit.
In the following years it became clear that the home and small tournament Kolomyagi Cap has become a traditional International tournament for children Young Talents, which would come with pleasure the leading Russian and foreign schools.
In 2008, the semifinals Metallurg broke out of the city of Liepaja (Latvia), SDUSHOR Zenit, Lokomotiv Moscow and the Academy of Yuri Konoplev of Togliatti.
Metallurg beats SDUSHOR Zenit - 3-1 on penalties and Academics take precedence over Lokomotiv 0:0 (5:4). The final was a fierce fight and a little more confident look under the leadership of Martin's Yaunskalze Metallurg, but bringing the score to zero tie - again on penalties to win the Academy Togliatti led by Sergei Nikitin. We must say that the Academy was a classy goalkeeper - Michael Lyubimov. Unfortunately, since that year was led, that the team FC Zenit did not leave the group.
The tournament of 2009 involved teams of 1998 from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Sweden and reached the finals Schalke04, winning in the semifinals of Liepaja Metallurg 2-1 and Lokomotiv Moscow, who, after zero tie on penalties to beat SDUSHOR Zenit from St. Petersburg.
At the end of the Locomotive was stronger physically and deservedly won 3-1.
In 2010, there was a real breakthrough for European team to the tournament Young Talents Cup, where were representatives from Germany, Latvia, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Denmark. In the semi-final came two German teams Borussia Dortmund and FC Schalke04 and two Moscow schools - Lokomotiv and CSKA. The game was a more competent from Germany teams and all the spectators witnessed the final of German opposition, where Dortmund won Gelsenkirchen’s -2:0.

At 2012 we have focused to bring more teams from Russia, so that our guys were able to at least as something to strive for eminent contenders.  As a result, bidding for the tournament will involve 18 teams from 10 countries. We have hoped very much to Academy of FC Zenit 2000 born, which for four years was coached gathered the President of our organization - Maxim Kramarenko. This year, the Public Organization “Young Talents” will be performing team of boys from Russia named Young Talents Team. In the final were two best teams of the tournaments - FC Zenit and FC Baltika Kaliningrad where FC Zenit was more stronger - 3:0. Third place was - SFS Riga. Young Talents Team became 10th.

The 2013 was a 10th anniversary of the tournament. Dinamo Tbilisi was on the tournament for the first time. Young Talents Selected Team has got to quarterfinal from first place of her group. But Dinamo Kiev has won them 3:0. In semifinals play Dinamo Kiev against Spartak Moscow - 2:0 and Academy of Konoplev against Football School Zenith - 3:2. In the final Kiev was stronger 3:1.

In 2014 participated 8 clubs. First of all Anji academy were here at first time. TJK Legion won the tournament as we thought. Because some month ago this strong team won Ghotia Cup in Sweden.


Cup owners:
2004 – FC Spartak Moscow - the coach is Alexander Jartsev / 2nd place – FC ZENIT St. Petersburg
2005 – FC Zenit St. Petersburg– the coach is Vasily Kostrovsky / 2nd place – FC Spartak Moscow
2006 – FC Dynamo Kiev – the coach is Alexey Drotsenko / 2nd place – FC ZENIT St. Petersburg
2007 – FC CSKA Moscow – the coach is Dmitry Khomuha / 2nd place – FC ZENIT St. Petersburg
2008 – Konoplev’s Academy Samara – the coach is Sergey Nikitin / 2nd place – Liepajas Metalurgs
2009 – FC Lokomotiv Moscow – the coach is Alexander Kharitonov / 2nd place – FC Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen
2010 – BVB Dortmund – the coach is Massimo Mariotti / 2nd place – FC Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen
2011 – FC Zenit St. Petersburg– the coach is Andrey Pocheptsov
/ 2nd place – FC Baltika Kaliningrad
2012 - FC Barcelona Spain - the coach is Marc Serro Gregory
/2nd place - FC Zenit St. Petersburg
2013 - FC Dinamo Kiev - the coach is Valery Kinashenko /2nd place - Konoplev's Academy Samara
2014 - TJK Legion Tallinn - the coach is Mikhail Artyukhov
/2nd place - FC Zenit St. Petersburg




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