Dear friends! Welcome to the 12th International Football Tournament of top level - YOUNG TALENTS CUP 2015!! There are hard job to invite strongest clubs here! Follow clubs have gaven their confirmation to participate: FC Sporting lisbon, PFC CSKA Moscow, FC Zenit St. Petresburg,  FC Kontu Helsinki and other..

The tournament will start on Dinamo stadium with 2 artificial fields. 2 hotels closer to stadium are reserved. We invite 24 clubs to participate, which will devided into 4 groups of 6 teams.  2 first teams from each group will go to quarterfinal where teams play on knock out base. First team will confer with big Cup Young Talents. 4 best teams will get a medals. 9 best players will confer a own prizes.

Time of matches is 2*15 min. 7 players play in a field and 1 goalkeeper.


CSKA Moscow FC Sporting Lisbon FC Zenit St. Petersburg FC Kontu Helsinki

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