"Young Talents Cup" for everyone!


On October 4-6 in "Raduga" shopping mall there was held a promotion event confined to a recent start of X International Junior tournament "Young Talents Cuo 2013".

On October 3 all comers could see the former winners' cup firsthand. The cup has just arrived from Barselona and soon will be awarded to this year winners of the jubilee "Young Talents Cup" tournament.

The promotion event organisators have prepared lots of suprises. Every comer could not only see the cup and take a photo. Any participant can take the printed photo during the tournament. Volunteers distributed flyers among curious passers-by. Young footbal fans competed for special prizes provided by the Social Organisation "Young Talents".

We are going to organise several more promotion events. Please follow the news thread on our website. How knows maybe the next week you'll have the opportunity to see the Cup in your district.

It is important to mention that the "Young Talent Cup 2013" will be held on October 17-20. More than 20 teams from all over the world will participate. The tournament will take place at the "Nova Arena" sport center (October 17-18) and at "Polytekh" stadium (October 20). October 19 is a free day and our foreign guests will have opportunity to shave some ightseeing around Saint-Petersburg.


Curious guest

Nina Abrosova (Box World Champion, captain of the "Nina Motorsport" team)

Maxim Kramarenko (The President of Social organisation "Young Talents")


Photo with the Cup


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